Systems Integrator specialising in design, implementation, programming, commissioning of Automation and Control Systems

Company Profile

Automation Alliance is an experienced Engineering Services Company based in Perth, Western Australia specialising in the design, implementation, programming and commissioning of Automation & Control Systems. We have special expertise with the design, installation and programming of solutions based on the range of Automation products and software. We also have the skills and capability to execute engineering services for AC Variable Speed Drives, including design, selection, setup, site commissioning, and integration with Control systems. Our main objective is to provide well engineered solutions and technical support services to help our customers optimise their investment in modern Automation & Control Systems and Variable Speed Drives.

Our expertise

Automation and Control

Variable Speed Drive Systems

Datalogging IOT Systems

We are recognised system integrator for

Rockwell Automation

Certified Level Integrator for

Thin Manager

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