Our main objective is to provide well engineered solutions and technical support services to help our customers optimise their investment in modern Automation & Control Systems and Variable Speed Drives.

HPGR Control System

The Control System for the High Pressure Grinding Roller (HPGR) have been successfully designed, assembled, tested and supplied by Automation Alliance (AA) on behalf of Köppern Machinery Australia (KMA) to various mine sites such as Talison Lithium, Tropicana, Pilbara Minerals and Altura Mining.

A typical HPGR Control system is based on

  • Rockwell’s 5069 CompactLogix Processor
  • Factory Talk View SE SCADA
  • SQL Datalogging with data conversion into Excel Spreadsheet
  • IIoT Data Analysis Tool

Crusher Control System

The Control System for the Crusher system was designed, programmed, tested and commissioned by Automation Alliance (AA) to various mine sites including Mining Area-C, Eastern Ridge and Mt.Webber.

Crusher Control systems were based on

  • Rockwell’s 1769 CompactLogix Processor
  • Citect SCADA

Water Treatment Plants

Developed control systems for Raw Water pumping stations, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis pumping skids including the following scopes.

  • PLC & HMI development
  • Variable Speed Drives Configuration and Commissioning
  • Site commissioning and efficiency tuning

Industrial IoT & Historian Systems

Deployed Custom developed Industrial IoT Solutions and Historian Systems catered to Client requirements

  • Data Storage, Management and Analysis using custom template
  • Automatic Report generation
  • Alarm Annunciation over SMS and Emails