The following is a comprehensive list of our services:

Engineering and support services for Automation & Control Systems:

  1. Studies and Project definition for Control and Automation Systems
  2. Project Management for the implementation of Automation & Control System projects
  3. Development of Functional Specifications and Control System Design
  4. Development of technical documentation such as schematic drawings, test sheets, user manuals, etc
  5. Supply and delivery of control system components such as PLCs, Control Panels, HMI hardware & software, Communication hardware, etc
  6. Design and supply of communications and networking installations associated with the control systems
  7. Programming of automation equipment such as PLCs, HMI systems, Touchscreens, etc  Installation, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), site commissioning (SAT) and plant startup
  8. Technical Training after commissioning, targeted at upgrading expertise of site personnel
  9. Ongoing engineering support and service callouts for fault-finding or repairs on site

Engineering and support services for Variable Speed (VS) Drives & Soft Starters:

  1. Pre-engineering, design and optimised selection of Variable Speed Drive equipment
  2. Development of Functional Specifications for the VS Drive Systems
  3. Harmonic Analysis to predict the effect of the VS Drive System on the Power Supply
  4. Design and supply of Control Panels, Motor Control Centres (MCC) and Distribution Boards (DB)
  5. Supply and delivery of VS Drives, Harmonic Filters and Soft Starter hardware
  6. Setup and Programming of Variable Speed Drive and Soft Starter systems
  7. Communications setup and control for VS Drives, such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, ProfiNet, etc
  8. Site commissioning and ongoing engineering support for fault-finding

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